Valeria Lanas is the trademark of Egara de Hilados, a company founded in 1990, although it comes from a family tradition that has more than 60 years of experience. The firm has lived through three generations, due to its previous activities in different specialties and different names, always within the textile sector.

The company is located in Terrassa. The firm has more than 20,000 square meters of facilities, where it has modern and specific machinery of the latest generation for each part of the production cycle, becoming in recent years a reference center within the wool sector for work.

“One of the main values ​​of Egara de Hilados is the control and elaboration of the entire production process. Our products are manufactured entirely in our factories. Today, our range of ball mill products consists of around eighty-four different items, each one with its own color. Under the Valeria Lanas brand, our items range from the basics (100% acrylic composition), to products with noble materials (100% wool, mohair, alpaca, cotton composition, etc.) ”.


The company’s product design and creation department studies the fashion trends of each season. From them, various samples are made to determine what the final product will be and thus be able to satisfy market demands. The most immediate objective is to offer the market innovative proposals, guaranteeing the highest quality of the product and at a competitive price, which allows us to position ourselves as a reference brand in the sector. From here, our forecast for the coming years is to reach a high market share thanks to two fundamental values ​​of our firm: quality and service. At present, the firm markets its products in Spain through its own commercial network and is present in the main European markets through representatives and distributors.

The process of design, creation, spinning, preparation, treatment, dyeing, winding and packaging of our yarns are carried out in our facilities. Thanks to all this, we can guarantee a final product of good quality.


Egara de Hilados S.L. not only considers the quality of a wool or thread, but also assumes the commitment that through a certification, it guarantees the maximum level of satisfaction, commitment and quality to the client.

Currently we have the following certificate:

Certificado ISO 9001 Registered