This pretty top with ruffles in marbled colors is made with Cotonet Stampa quality, a 100% acrylic yarn perfect for spring and summer.

Pattern and photos made by Elisa, from @eli.handmade23

Difficulty level:



XS – 34 cm wide and 37 cm long
S – 38 cm wide and 37 cm long
M – 42 cm wide and 39 cm long
L – 46 cm wide and 39 cm long
XL – 50 cm wide and 41 cm long

These sizes are without ruffles.

The ruffles are approximately 4 cm long.




Quality Valeria Lanas COTONET STAMPA color ref. C1546

For size XS and S – 2 balls

For size M and L – 3 balls

For size XL – 4 balls

4mm needle


Make a 10×10 cm swatch (17 dc and 9 rounds). Each time you start a round, ch 3. to go up that counts as the first stitch and do dc. from the second point. Total 9 laps.

In case your sample does not meet the 10×10 requirements, you should try changing the needle or knit more or less tightly. Normally they tend to be problems in tissue tension.